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Time to Change Our World

With the new year also comes a sense of hope — hope that this year will be better than the last.  And, so this post is also about hope. I believe that ultimately we all want the same thing: to achieve our potential, to provide for both ourselves and our families, and do so in a way that does not harm others or the environment.  I’ve also stated that the solutions to our problems already exist.  They do not require new technology, only new ways of organizing how we live.  We have the technology and the knowledge to create the world of our hopes and dreams; what we do not have is the collective will.

My sense is that we all want a change for the better, but the momentum of life, of business, of our societies keeps us plodding forward in a direction that leads us further and further from the sustainability we need to achieve and indeed our own personal happiness.  This momentum creates a resistance to change that is hard to crack.  So, I am proposing an experiment.  The first step to making real change is by raising people’s awareness of the problems and the solutions.  To this end I am suggesting we make our collective voice heard by our leadership through social media.

On a recent trip to India, I was amazed at how connected the average person has become through mobile phones.  They are everywhere.  Indeed, internet connected mobile devices are now omnipresent throughout the world and through them the average person can raise their voice for change.  Let 2014 be the year our political and corporate leaders hear our voice by tagging #timetochangeourworld

We can change the world for the better if we act collectively.  So, start spreading the word because it’s #timetochangeourworld


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